Friday, November 5, 2010

Tuna and Avocado Egg Rolls

OK, this took me a few tries to get it correct but they turned out very nice. The main thing I had to get down was the roll and cooking them without deep frying. I was able to saute them in a cast iron skillet and they turned out perfect with very little oil being used. You can mix and match and filling but I feel you need the cabbage for the base. I have also made them with Shrimp and Chicken.

Cabbage filling:
2 Cups Coleslaw shredded cabbage
1 Tbls Hoisen sauce
1 Tbls Rice wine vinegar
1 Tbls Low sodium soy sauce
1 Tsp Sugar

Mix all together and let stand 1 hour.

Added fillings:
1 5oz Tuna steak slice in thin strips
1 Avocado sliced in thin strips

You will also need:
1 pack of egg roll wrapper
1-2 Tbls Canola oil
1 ramekin of tap water

Seperate one wrapper and place on the diagonal. Add 2-3 Tbls of cabbage mixer, one slice of tuna, and on slice of avocado. Roll over and tuck in the ends. Rub the edges of the wrapper and continue to roll up. Once all the egg rolls are rolled heat @ 1 Tbls in a cast iron skillet. Once hot add the egg rolls. Roll over so all 4 sides are browned 2 2-3 minutes per side. Serve with Chinese mustard and Duck sauce.

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